Designed and constructed by Kasia.  A custom design for a Seattle lake front estate. It took twenty days of intense action to get this job completed before the rainy season.  New and used materials, treasures from far away lands and a little magic. Available for custom work.
Seattle Tree Houses
the house
Old ladder incased
Rock wall and opening
Bridge doorway
First Balcony
Mail Box
Front Door with Lion Knocker
Fireman pole
Handles over rock wall
Ramp and Roof
Second Story Balcony
Second Floor
Rock Wall and Front Door
The Ultimate Chicken Coop
          Custom design and construction of a chicken coop to match your home or vision.
Plans available for $20.
The Wisdom Ranch
  (Future Project)
Objective: To have a place where ‘trouble’ kids, adults, and opinion leaders can come to be safe, sober and get back into the basics of life. A retreat property with greenhouse, horses, motorized toys, a lot of space, purification center, art facilities, extensive library and course room of knowledge from all sources of wisdom worldwide and time-wide.